PRVTR Party Fund Points (SX 2021) | Round Two - Houston

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The opening round of of the 2021 season of Supercross was no doubt one of the most stacked fields in recent Supercross history. Round two was no different. We saw factory and factory-supported riders topping off the qualifying times as well as the heat races. There was one major difference, though. Kyle Chisholm was the only privateer to move directly to the main through his heat race, becoming the first privateer this season to do so!

In the LCQs, Freddie Norren got tangled up in the first corner, dropping him out of the hunt for a main event. Jeremy Smith almost made his first main event and crashed out in a corner with only two laps to go, allowing Alex Ray to take the final spot. Alex Ray would join Kyle Chisholm once again as the the only two privateers advancing to the main event.

As the gate dropped for the main event, we saw a lot of championship contenders slowly drop like flies, especially in the sand section. Adam Cianciarulo went down in the sand, Chase Sexton went down in the sand, and so did others, including Marvin Musquin. Throughout the entire main event, many passes were made along with plenty of crashes. 2020 Supercross champion, Eli Tomac, would end up taking his first win of the season, a much improved ride over the previous round.

As for the privateers, Kyle Chisholm and Alex Ray, would find themselves gaining even more points than the previous round, with Chisholm taking home 9 points and Ray with 5.

We still have a lot of rounds to go and plenty of points to be made, but Kyle Chisholm now leads our PRVTR Part Fund points with a 7 point lead over Alex Ray.  Congrats, Kyle!


Below you will find the current standings for the PRVTR Party Fund, including every eligible privateer who earned at least one point in the 2020 AMA Supercross series. For those who don't know, the PRVTR Party Fund rewards the most improved top five riders at the end of the season based on the points earned for the current compared to the points earned from the previous season. The winner will receive 50% of the pot with the other 50% being distributed equally the rest of the riders in the top five.


Name R1-2 ('20) R1-2 ('21) Difference
Kyle Chisholm 4 13 9
Alex Ray 4 6 2
Cade Autenrieth 0 0 0
Carlen Gardner 0 0 0
Daniel Herrlein 0 0 0
Henry Miller 0 0 0
James Weeks 0 0 0
Jason Clermont 0 0 0
Jerry Robin 0 0 0
Joshua Cartwright 0 0 0
Logan Karnow 0 0 0
Mason Kerr 0 0 0
Ronnie Stewart 0 0 0
Ryan Breece 0 0 0
Freddie Norren 2 0 -2
Tyler Bowers 6 0 -6
Kyle Cunningham 7 0 -7
Chris Blose 8 0 -8


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