Privateers First

PRVTR (Privateer) Ride Shop provides authentic, premium quality motocross clothing & apparel while supporting privateer riders in the AMA Supercross and Motocross championships. At the end of each season, 15% or more of our sales are distributed to the top athletes in the privateer sector through our PRVTR Party Fund.

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An Independent Workhorse

What is a Privateer?

How it Works

You Buy

The first step to success for privateers is the support of their sponsors and loyal fans. There are numerous ways to support privateers, but our custom designed apparel is meant to do exactly that - by providing quality motocross apparel all while supporting these professional athletes.

We Donate

That's right. At PRVTR Ride Shop, our number one goal is to help privateers. That means 15% or more of each sale will be placed into a pot and distributed to the top five eligible riders at the end of each AMA Pro Motocross and Supercross season. As our support grows, so will the fund!

They Win

It may not be a main event or moto win, but that doesn't mean privateers aren't still winners. With the PRVTR Party Fund, the most improved rider of the year will receive 50% of the pot with the remaining amount distributed equally to the rest of the top five.

Our Mission

Keep Pushing

Our mission is to provide privateer motocross athletes with more opportunities to compete at the highest level of the sport by helping them fund their journey to keep pushing at each and every gate drop.